Corvallis Senior Center

Dear People, I am showing

Herbie the Artist

my art work at the Senior Center for about two months. Also I hope to see you all at the Community Show at LaSalle Stewart Center next month. Should be fun. Take care.


Wow, I sold paintings

Sunday Morning

Dear People, while hanging at the Timberhill Athletic Club, I sold 4 paintings. It felt wonderful. I wish that everyone has a similar story. Now I am not panting just for myself, but for everybody.

Regina Made It

Living Rocks

Yesterday, Regina was not nervous, until an hour before we had to leave for the guild meeting. She brought her three favorites that she worked so hard on. At the end of the meeting, she went into the room where the judging was taking place, and found out that she passed, and can now hang with the art guild. She is elated. Let us all wish her good luck.

Regina’s Day of Judgement

Tonight, Regina will bring three of her paintings to be judged by the Corvallis Art Guild. Yes, she is nervous. She has been turned down twice, and this time, who knows? Of course I paint every day. Regina has the house, and etc to do. She also has me all over the internet. So let us hope that things will go her way this time.  She


likes to paint, when she gets the chance, and will keep on painting for the sheer joy of it, whether she is accepted or not.

Spring Has Arrived


It has been a long time, and I hope to see more people out with the good weather.  I am now panting between my studio at home, and at Shadowsmith Photographers, which is in back of Pegasus’s Art Gallery. Paintings still are not selling, but regardless, I paint every day practically. There is a community show in July at La Salle Stewart Center, and we all have to put in our art work in the middle of June. I hope a lot of us show up, and make the reception a great affair with our art work and our presence. Hope you all had a decent winter through the rain drops. Think of SUN!!

Community Open Art Show

Oregon Coast 1

Dear People, Saturday, January 29th from 12 Noon to 4PM, you can bring in one piece of your art work  for the Commuity Art Show which will last all February. Hope to see you there.

Regina’s New Painting

Regina did a painting that she feels is pretty good, so I am putting this on my blog. Since she has been having a bad Winter, she has put the time of hibernation to good use. This is her second painting so far, and she has started a third. Let us know Reflectionswhat you think of it. Tonight is the Russia Show of Art at LaSalle Stewart Center. Hope to see you there.

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